Parking Management

Does your property struggle with unregistered, abandoned and illegally parked vehicles? Tenants complaining of abandoned vehicles in their parking space? Take control of your parking area and partner with Macklin Towing.  

When unauthorized people park on your property or abandon their vehicle on your property we’ll remove the vehicle at no cost to you.  Florida State Law 715.07 grants property owners and managers this right. As your vehicle removal partner, our mission is to keep your property clear of nuisance vehicles that can affect your business and be a risk to the safety of your residents or guests. The solution is a phone call away at 863-453-2697 anytime, day or night. Macklin Towing is there to be your SOLUTION, not add to your property management parking headaches.

  • Removal of abandoned vehicles
  • Free No Parking Tow Away Signs
  • Quick Response Time
  • Live dispatch 24/7